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Barcode Scanners – Corded or Cordless …. what is the difference?

There is still a significant cost difference between corded (cabled) barcode scanners and cordless barcode scanners; the industrial cordless scanner being the most inexpensive available.

More than likely, the cordless bar code scanners will always have a premium over their corded barcode scanner counterpart, but for the right application the benefits will outweigh the additional cost.

Benefits of corded or cordless Barcode Scanners

Some of the primary reasons for selecting a cordless barcode scanner include increased reliability and mobility; this is especially true in manufacturing areas where an operator may have to move around pieces of equipment to scan an item. The cable from a corded barcode scanner can be both restrictive and hazardous to the work place. Similarly, an office worker may find that they have to continuously untangle a cable as they walk around to scan items. These long cables not only cause reductions in productivity but are also a major safety risk as they can be tangled up or wrapped around other pieces of equipment.

Bluetooth is becoming the most common cordless technology for these barcode scanners and the most common connection has become USB which essentially gives you a plug-and-play capability to your host PC.

Some cordless scanners have a “memory” or batch feature which enables you to capture data while out of range during stock take for example.

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