label, card, barcode and receipt printerWhat label printer meets your requirements?

Label Printers

Desktop label printers are relatively low cost printers that are perfect for low to medium volume label printing.

Typical features are:

• small footprint (< 0.5 sqm)                                 • separate (external) power supply
• separate (external) power supply                        • small roll capacity
• plastic body                                                      • clamshell or similar construction
• simple operation                                                • USB standard with optional Network interface
• 203 dpi (dots per inch) standard resolution with optional 300 dpi

Industrial label printers are perfect for medium to high volume printing.

Typical features are:

• medium footprint (> 0.5 sqm)                             • internal power supply
• large roll capacity                                             • metal chassis & body
• 203 dpi (dots per inch) standard resolution with optional 300, 400 or 600 dpi
• options such as peel mode, cutter & internal rewind
USB standard with optional Network interface

Comware offers low cost direct thermal / thermal transfer “desktop” printers designed to print up to several thousand labels per day, and “industrial” thermal transfer printers capable of printing many thousands of labels per day.

Mobile label printers can improve efficiencies across your facilities, processes and workforce, helping your entire operation get business done anywhere, anytime. Printing on the go has never looked better, boost employee productivity and accuracy with wireless mobile printers for on-site and on-demand needs. Print barcode labels, receipts or tickets reliably and quickly, even in harsh and demanding environments.

Receipt label printers, how do they work? – when connected to a computer via a cable interface, receive data from the point of sale software application running on the computer. The data is interpreted through the printer’s device driver and subsequently printed.

What kind of Receipt or Label Printer should I buy?

Important Considerations are: Software Requirements & Device Drivers. Some software applications only work with specific printer drivers, so it is advisable to check ith the software manufacturer to determine the compatibility of a specific receipt printer with your software.

If you are replacing an existing POS receipt printer, you don’t necessarily have to purchase the same brand printer. A receipt printer will connect to your PC via a Serial, Parallel, USB, or Ethernet connection.

It is important to know the types of cable interfaces available and what would suit your requirement.

Please note that the proper selection and match of label stock and ribbon is critical to the overall quality and performance of the printed media.

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