Direct Thermal / Thermal Direct – printers use a thermal print head that applies heat to a chemically treated paper that turns dark as a result of the heat thus creating text, lines and graphics. Direct Thermal printing will age and will turn black over time especially if exposed to heat or sunlight.

The difference between thermal transfer and direct thermal technology is important to understand in order to select the correct printer for your application.

To help select the correct print technology for your application consider the following:

•Will your labels have a shelf-life of over 1 year?

•Will you be printing high density bar codes?

•Will the labels be subjected to heat or sunlight?

•Will the labels be subject to chemicals or other forms of abrasives?

•Will you be printing on a variety of different label types such as papers, films and foils?

•Will you ever need to print labels in colors other than black?

If you answer "yes" to any of the above questions you should strongly consider using a thermal transfer label printer rather than a direct thermal printer.

Comware offers low cost direct thermal / thermal transfer “desktop” printers designed to print up to several thousand labels per day, and “industrial” thermal transfer printers capable of printing many thousands of labels per day.

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