HID UHF UltraTag




UHF tag technology enables anti-collision functionality, fast data-rate communication and password protection for precise, reliable reading. All HID Global InLine Tag RFID tags are compliant with EPC global-certified UHF Class 1 Gen 2 readers and modules, with broadband capability for international operations.

Tough and versatile InLine Tag RFID transponders are available for mounting on metal, plastic or wood. The tags are lightweight, waterproof and resist high-pressure/high temperature washing conditions according to the highest standard (IP69K). They provide high resistance to aggressive liquids and physical impact and deliver excellent performance and reading stability across fluctuating temperatures.

The patented HID 3D antenna enables omnidirectional read range performance independent of mounting material. Additionally, these tags enable maintenance of separate public and private profiles for added data security.>

HID InLine Tag transponders are ideal general-purpose UHF hard tag transponders for industrial use.

Key Features

  • Extreme durability – resistant to outdoor elements, as well as blunt and sharp impact.
  • Multiple fixation options – glue, screw or weld; with varieties that curve to hug cylindrical containers.
  • Enhanced reliability – read-write on any material, up to 26 ft (8 m).
  • Broadband frequency – usable worldwide, including Europe, the United States and Japan

Additional information

Weight0.001 kg
Product Type

R.F.I.D. Self Adhesive

UHF Smart Labels

R.F.I.D. Tags (non adhesive)

UHF (Ultra High Frequency)